lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

La moda de este otoño / Fashion of fall

 Hola! Aquí os dejo unas "pistas" sobre como vestiros este otoño, para que os ayude a elegir vuestro look:

Se llevan un montón los chalecos de pelo tipo borreguito o algo así. ¡Pero siempre que sea pelo falso, claro, no queremos hacer daño a animales! Aquí os dejamos un ejemplo

 Hello! Here you have some "tips" on how to get dressed this fall, to help you to choose your look:

They take a lot of hair type sheepskin vests or something.But whenever fake hair, of course, do not want to hurt animals! Here you have an example

                              H & M, 19'95 €

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  1. hello! I love your blog and all your designs! dire as anyone that you should hang it in a magazine

    1. seriously? do not like. who is the account I say this not convincing or your cousin

    2. NO NO. is the most beautiful fashion blog. Blog forgives esque girl my sister is stupid

    3. Jejejeje. Thank you so much, I'm so happy you said that. But also I'm so sorry because this days I have not written anything. I try to write all days (or once a week) from now. A lots of kisses from Top-EM Designer to youu! :)